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Are you experiencing any of these computer problems and/or annoyances?

  • Does your computer crash? We can fix that!
  • Running slower than it should be? Definately can fix that!
  • Continual pop-ups invade your monitor? This can be fixed too!
  • Are you frustrated not knowing how to install the new peripheral (Printer, Hard Drive, ect...) or software you just purchased? BTS Can install it.
Pick-up and Return Service
Computer Repair Tune-Up Hourly Rate
$85 /Full Repair $55 /Full Repair $45 /hr

Call (248) 787-1389

to setup an appointment or to check on other pricing of our products.

Computer Repair:

BTS can remove virues, spyware and help you from being infected again. We can troubleshoot hardware issues and help you recover your lost data (if possible), as well as help you backup your data to prevent it from happening again.

Other Services:

  • Computers and software too expensive? Want to make your old computer last longer with Linux and OpenOffice?

  • Photo Slideshows / Video Editing / Video Transfer

  • Website Design with your own domain and e-mail address. BTS can provide you a website from a simple template site, to a full blown professional website with a database back end? Can be complete with a content Management System, Blog, and / or custom programming, please contact BTS!

Service Not Listed?

  • Please contact Beacon Technology Solutions with what you want done, and we will let you know what we can do!