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"My wife and I, getting close to retirement needed some additional training to better operate our computer. Unlike most younger people today, we weren't as literate understanding our computer and what it can do...

...He also took much time to scan our computer and determine what we need and not need to make it function not only faster, but to eliminate time consuming programs that were previously installed which we didn't need. He also installed a better Spyware program vs what we had in the system previously...

We highly recommend Eric not only for his computer expertise and knowledge, but his entire way of speaking with you and getting whatever problems taken care of. He answers your questions properly and is an extremely patient man.

Today, there are simply others in the computer field that either talk too fast or don't take the time to properly show you the ins and outs how a computer works. One cannot learn the functions with this type of instruction. Eric, in our minds is just the opposite.

We strongly feel that he is the type of guy that will leave you completely satisfied with whatever he does for you. And more importantly, if there's any ongoing questions or problems, he will take care of them for you.

The Sobel's, Farmington, Michigan"